Monday, November 12, 2012

Looking Basement Interior Design Ideas That Could Change Your Basement from Storage Space to Livable Space

Are you looking for basement interior design ideas? Here's some information on basement interior decorating ideas.
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Are you planning to remodel your basement? If the thoughts about basement finishing or remodeling are lurking in your mind, then you must look into various aspects of basement interior design. If you never thought of basement as anything but a dingy dumping zone, then it's time to think again. You can surely use creative basement design ideas to transform this space into a beautiful livable space.

Before you move on to the aspect of basement interior design and decorating ideas, you must first decide how to utilize the space.

Luxurious Basement Interior Layout Design
For instance, you could turn it into a gymnasium, an office, family room or a home theater. One of the common problems associated with basement is lack of ventilation. The high level of humidity can lead to the formation of mold and mildew. So, start by tackling these issues. Use of basement dehumidifiers and basement waterproofing can solve these problems to some extent. Another aspect of basement finishing is plumbing and wiring.
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You could also use the basement as a gym or use it for your home theater. If you love to invite your friends every now and then, you could also change the basement into a recreational room. You could have a built-in bar or turn it into a game room by placing a dart board, shuffle board or pool tables. If your basement is very spacious and you are okay with shelling out money, you could even turn it into a separate apartment by utilizing the space and dividing it into many rooms.
recreational room basement interior inspiration design
So, now you are aware of various basement interior design ideas that could be used to enliven this space. Use these basement interior decorating ideas and turn your basement into a great living space. Don't let your basement be a dumping zone, use innovative basement interior design ideas and enjoy the extra space.


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