Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Important Factors You Need to Consider before Buying Kitchen Hoods

There are two main options in air filtration when buying kitchen hoods, open and closed circulation system.

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Buying kitchen hoods, or range hoods as they are also called, can sometimes seem a little intimidating. There are a lot of available options and features. There are different types, sizes, and prices to consider. The best place to begin making your decision is by deciding what will work best for your kitchen.

When buying kitchen hoods, there are a lot of options to consider.

The first is the size of both your kitchen and your range. Kitchen Hoods should be at least as big as your range, if not larger. At the same time, a large hood can take up a lot of room in a small kitchen. Also consider the type of range you have. Back draft hoods are great if you have a stand-alone range, but you can’t use them with a full stove.

Kitchen Hoods should fit the style of cook who uses it. Someone who cooks two or three times a week only needs the bare minimum. Kitchen Hoods that have couple different speeds and a light will be all he or she needs. On the other hand, if you love to cook, and do a lot of it, a high end model, with a lot of options, might be worth the cost.

The location of your stove or range is another thing to consider when buying kitchen hood. If your range is located as part of a kitchen island, you’re only choice is to get a chimney range. These are self-contained, not needing to be attached to the wall. If your stove is under cabinets, an under cabinet range is your best bet. If your stove is against an outer wall, setting up a kitchen hood that leads straight out through the wall is an option. This can make setting up a larger hood easier.

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