Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Some Ideas for Making Your Own Wall Sconces for Holding Flowers

You can make decorative Wall Sconces for holding flowers by using an existing sconce and then jazzing it up by using different materials.

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A plain wall without any wall art hardly looks attractive. To enhance the decor of a room Wall Sconces are a great option. Wall Sconces are narrow conical or square shaped containers that are made of materials like wrought iron, ceramic or wicker which are mounted on walls. Traditionally, wall sconces were used as light fixtures, but nowadays, a popular way to use them is by using them for holding flowers. Flowers cascading from a wall sconce can make any room or porch look more warm and inviting. These wall sconces can be filled with both, artificial or fresh flowers.

Here we are going to give you some ideas for making your own wall sconces for holding flowers.

To make wall sconces for holding flowers from scratch is difficult although not impossible. First measure the dimension of the sconce frame so that you know which size of container would fit well, then clean the glass jar in soapy water and remove and sticky labels. Allow the jar to dry, and then paint it with glass paint in a color of your choice. Once this base coat is dry, place a stencil over the glass jar and dab a sponge that is dipped in glass paint over the stencil. Remove stencil and you have a beautifully patterned glass jar ready which can now be used as wall sconces for holding flowers.

If you have a boring wall sconce that needs to be jazzed up, then the method described below works very well. Take a plain metallic wall sconce and then use a variety of seashells to decorate it. First gather different shaped seashells and then clean them by washing them in running water. Now dry the seashells thoroughly. Make sure that no gaps on the surface of the sconce can be seen after you have placed them. Once you have the placement of the shells figured adhere the shells on the sconce by using epoxy.

Another good way to make decorative wall sconces for holding flowers is to use artificial flowers. To create such a decorative wall sconce, you have to use a plain wall sconce made of metal or plastic as a base. Purchase silk roses from a hobby center or craft supplies store and remove the individual petals. Use a paint brush to dab stronghold glue on the rim of the sconce. Now adhere the petals on the rim of the sconce, making sure that there are no gaps in between. If you see any gaps, then glue additional silk petals over the sconce so that they overlap each other.

[caption id="attachment_6132" align="aligncenter" width="376"]Artificial Red Floral Wall Sconce Design Artificial Red Floral Wall Sconce Design[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_6134" align="aligncenter" width="500"]fresh floral wall sconce with same flowers design fresh floral wall sconce with same flowers design[/caption]

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