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The Best Ideas For Decorating Cottage Style Bathrooms

Cottage Style Bathrooms are those that have the theme of a cottage and are decorated with artifacts, traditional furniture and vanities.

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A bathroom which has the ambiance of a cottage allows you to freshen up, rejuvenate yourself and induces a calm sensation all around. It should contain all the elements essential for providing you comfort and luxury while bathing. A cottage style bathroom is designed exactly like a cottage where you can completely relax yourself. They have fine woodwork and are equipped with antique furniture, which further uplifts their cottage like approach. You have to imagine the interior decor of a cottage to come up with some wonderful ideas for decorating your bathroom in the same fashion.

We have elaborated some Cottage Style Bathrooms ideas over here.

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If your bathroom is large enough then you can elaborately decorate it. Even small-sized cottage bathrooms, look beautiful when furnished with appropriate home decorative pieces. The two options are wooden furniture polished neatly or distressed furniture. The first is preferred more as it adds freshness to your bathroom. Claw foot bathtubs lined with brass or copper, ceramic basins, metallic shower tops, wooden wall cabinets, etc are something that your bathroom must have.Cottage Style Bathrooms

Wooden floors in shades of light and dark brown enhance its natural appeal! Wooden floors although not a choice for bathrooms, you can create a similar look with tiles and mosaic. Earth tone tiles imprinted with elements of the nature perfectly complement a cottage style bathroom. Although, a rustic ambiance ideally suits cottage bathrooms, you can still blend it with some contemporary floor works. Mosaic the entire floor with an array of colors, ranging from bottle green, brown, magenta and white.

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Coming to the walls, they should match up with the floor. Do not experiment with contrasting shades, as they will take away the vintage flavor of a cottage. If you have tiled the floor with contemporary hues, then choose the same for the walls. Yellow, aqua, fresh green, sky, sea green, etc should be your choice for a contemporary appeal. Once again Earth tones rules over any other color for a traditional cottage bathroom. Wall murals having themes of woods, renaissance and medieval art render it classy.

Last but not the least, you can enjoy a royal bath inside your Cottage Style Bathrooms only when you treat yourself with exotic toiletry products. Create freshness by picking up soothing fragrances and endow a natural feel all around. Keep the upholstery clean and maintain hygiene. Experience the beauty and feel the charm everyday every time while taking a shower inside your cottage bathing room.

Cottage Style Bathrooms


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