Monday, March 10, 2014

Simple Knickknacks To Help You Transform Your Backyard Into Tranquil Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens spell tranquility, beauty and most importantly, stand for the balance found in nature.

A garden, thus, understood is a place that distills harmony and comfort while adding to the aesthetic pleasure. Japanese gardens for that matter are traditional gardens that create miniature landscapes and if you have been to a Japanese garden, then the first thing that you would notice is the simplicity of the layout. The entire area distills in you, a soothing peace, while the rocks and the flowing stream take away all negation and successfully purge your spirit.

Given below are simple knickknacks that will help you transform your backyard into tranquil Japanese gardens.

Japanese gardens reflect the perfect balance found in nature. In order to recreate the natural surroundings, you would need rocks and stones to represent individual islands, hills and mountains. A few trees and shrubs will represent nature in abundance. A water feature will represent purity, serenity and flow that is a part of nature. A wooden or stone bridge will represent immortality, and an escape to paradise is an absolute must for Japanese gardens.

Owning a sprawling lawn will definitely benefit you, as it will offer you maximum space to experiment with the layout. However, if you have a relatively smaller backyard, you would have to meticulously plan the arrangement of the garden. Depending on the space available, you would have to decide on how formal you want your garden to be. You wouldn't want your Japanese gardens to look too dressy, as the resultant garden should reflect the Japanese culture.

Japan is an island and creating a water feature is an absolute must for Japanese gardens. If you have a sloping terrain, creating a waterfall with rocks is an easier option. You can even consider installing a Koi pond, if your backyard is really huge. If you do not own a sprawling area, then you can go in for a simple water pond, made with bamboo which can be operated using simple mechanics. Water features should face a seating area, as observing running water instills a sense of peace and tranquility.

Hope these ideas will help you redecorate your garden or home interiors. Besides, do not forget to add a garden fence to make your garden a private space, where you can meditate peacefully. 

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