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Living Room Wall Decor Best Ideas

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The living room is typically one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. Choosing the right living room wall decor consists of thinking about the size, price, color and appeal of the art. The living room layout and ceiling height can play a part in the decision as well. The best art typically will pull the room together, so choosing decor that coordinates with existing themes is important as well.

The first step in choosing living room wall decor is to evaluate how big it needs to be.

This can be helpful when choosing the type of decoration to buy. Rooms with oversized furniture and high ceilings generally call for larger pieces of art, whereas smaller rooms might be overwhelmed by large art and may look better with a series of smaller pieces instead.

Next, decide the type of living room wall decor that is most appealing. There are many types including paintings, photographs, wall decals, wall paintings, mirrors, sconces and 3D art. Some people may be set on using only one type of decor while others may be open to experimenting with a combination of styles.

The numbers of pieces of art that will go on the wall usually depend on the type of decor you chose. For a larger area, more than one piece may be able to fit. The total size of the living room wall decor should always correspond to the size of the empty space. For example, in a large space, a collection of photographs or several pieces of 3D art may be a good option. Another option is to use a large painting or wall decal.

In a medium area, such as over a fireplace, two sconces spaced apart can create a nice focal point. For a room that needs to seem a bit bigger, using a large decorative mirror can give the illusion of a much larger space. Chances are, in a small space, there will only be room for one piece of decor.

The best living room wall decor typically will match the other colors and patterns in the room. It doesn't have to match exactly, but it shouldn't clash against it. For example, in a living room that is all neutral colors avoid getting wall decor that is a dark color; if the room is decked out in specific print, opt for wall art that has a similar design.

Choosing the best living room wall decor generally depends on choosing decor that reflects personal style. Avoid choosing pieces simply because they go with a room — choose them as a form of expression as well. To have a prominent space in the home, such as on the wall of an oft-used room, means that it should be something that conjures up positive feelings, such as those of happiness or inspiration.

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