Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wall Design Ideas Unique Looking Tips

Wall design ideas to beautify your rooms

The look of the walls plays a major role in the interior decor of your house. The overall look of your rooms highly depends on the way you design the walls. After all, these are much prominent and are the main highlight even after you get plush furniture and furnishings. This article gives you some interior wall design ideas which you can implement in your rooms. These will definitely give a unique touch to the walls and hence to the entire room.

Horizontal or vertical stripes are amongst the most commonly used and extremely appealing wall design ideas.

One of the unique wall design ideas to beautify your wall is by using stripes. These look simply awesome and give a trendy touch to the walls. Using a combo of dark pink, cream, black and brown and having thin horizontal stripes on the focal wall can give a bold look to the room. Keeping rest of the walls white and having furnishings to match this focal wall can create a dramatic effect. Using monochromatic scheme with a cool color and having wide horizontal stripes can give a calm look to the room. Use vertical stripes only if you are using thin stripes.

Similarly you can opt for the various paint colors for wall design ideas consisting of floral patterns, leaves or random stripes and curvy lines. A curly stem having a few tiny leaves is a popular design for the narrow pillars, which will run from bottom to 3/4th height of this pillar. A white or off-white wall is commonly graced with design of thin branches running from ceiling till the mid wall or, from bottom till the mid wall, usually on the wall behind the main furniture.

Framing is one of the popular wall design ideas commonly used for the focal wall or the largest wall which is not blocked by furniture. You can use various small and large stencil patterns to enhance the appearance of the walls. Painting the wall in a solid color and using stencil designs over it, in white color works best.
The aforementioned wall design ideas are some easy ways to give a decorative touch to the walls. The walls finished in this way will enhance the home decor and help you have a perfectly decorated area.

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