Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beautiful and Unique Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room

Are you getting bored of having bare, stark walls in your living room? Tired of experimenting with textures of paint? Then here are some wonderful Wall Art Ideas to spruce up your living room walls, and break the monotony.

[caption id="attachment_509" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Pretty Pink Wall Frames Wall Art Living Room Ideas Pretty Pink Wall Frames Wall Art Living Room Ideas[/caption]

The walls are the most exposed surfaces of our houses, and the way we decorate them can say a lot about our taste, personal choice, lifestyle, etc., besides affecting our mood, and adding to the overall ambiance of the room. They are surely pleasing to the eyes. So if your walls are bare, and in need of some tender lovin' care, here are a few Wall Art Ideas for your living room, that may inspire you to change the look of your room, by giving your wall some character and personality!

Go ahead and explore Wall Art Ideas, and then set free your imagination and creativity, which will breathe life into your drab and lifeless walls.

Wall Art Ideas

Metal wall hangings are the easiest and non-messiest Wall Art Ideas to decorate your walls, and they come in a variety of styles, so you never have to worry about not finding something that will go with your decor. They can be small or big, and you can pick a few big as well as small ones, and see what patterns you can make out of them. They require no maintenance, unlike the vases that are mentioned below, and can look quite ostentatious, if that's what you like.

[caption id="attachment_504" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Inspiring wooden art bookshelves design to create life gray and Yellow Living Room Inspiring wooden art bookshelves design to create life gray and Yellow Living Room[/caption]

Vases on the walls are an amazing way to bring some greenery inside your house, without cluttering your floor. They look great, and you can try putting in different flowers like button roses, which come in many vibrant colors. You can also mix and match the shades to either go with your wall paint or contrast with it. There are no restrictions to your creativity here, and you can try clay pots, or glass or plastic pots, in a holder, hung individually, or in a small group, with real flowering plants or plastic ones, or simply put up stark white vases in a group against some darkly painted background.

[caption id="attachment_502" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Hanging plates and porcelains on living room walls Hanging plates and porcelains on living room walls[/caption]

Got plates, old china that you don't want to use anymore? Here is one cool living room Wall Art Ideas that will take care of all your old plates. Just put them up on your walls as shown alongside! Easy and quite useful. You don't even need to have matching plates. Gather all the plates that are left from old sets that you either don't use, or if only one plate is left after all the rest have broken. In fact, this is one place where mixing and matching will probably yield the best results! A great idea to liven up a dull wall with variety and color. Try light colored plates against a dark background and vice-versa, and enjoy the effects.

Photographs, instant shots, frames, etc., are a great way to add some color and spruce up your wall. If you put up pictures of your family, kids, spouse, parents, etc., it will add that extra personal touch and warmth to the wall. You can use any sort of frames, as almost all of them will look nice. You could also try some unique frames like the ones made with stones or pebbles as shown in the last picture above! Looks very pretty and is really easy to put together. Just find colored stones and fix them on your walls with a suitable adhesive, and voila, you have a really pretty stone frame ready!

Hope the Wall Art Ideas presented in this post have inspired you to do something to break the monotony of the walls in your living room. These are just a few ideas. You can come up with many other unique ideas, and try them out on your walls. Get going, and give your walls the much-needed makeover!

Wall Art Ideas


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