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Best Guides when Shopping the Right Softest Bed Sheets

How to buy the Softest Bed Sheets? Which are the softest sheets available? Here's some information that will help you when you go shopping for bed linen.

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When we go shopping for pillows and bed sheets, we all pay a lot of emphasis on one attribute. We want them to be 'super soft'. Soft sheets and fluffy pillows make the bed look so inviting. One look at them and you just want to jump into the bed. Since most of the big stores have huge sections filled with various brands of bed linen, finding the softest ones becomes a very difficult task. Which are the softest sheets available? This question pops up every time you go shopping for bed sheets. Let's find out what makes some bed sheets softer than the others.

The Softest Bed Sheets are the ones which have a high thread count.

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A thread count is determined by how many threads in the fabric crisscross one another within each square inch. The higher the thread count, the softer the bed sheet but let me tell you, the price also goes higher with the thread count. If you are looking for those softest bed sheets, be ready to shell out more money.

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Ply of the fabric is another concept that affects the durability of the fabric. Ply of the fabric used in the sheet is a term used to describe the number of threads that are wrapped together into a single thread. In case of double ply fabrics, two pieces of thread are joined together. Single-ply fabric would appear to be thinner and delicate. If you want softness along with durability, you must buy the double-ply fabric.Softest Bed Sheets

Besides thread count and ply of the fabric, the weave type and fabric content also makes a difference. The longer fiber makes the cotton softer. So, the Softest Bed Sheets to buy would be ones with long fibers and a high thread count. The weave also makes a great deal of difference. A twill weave makes the flannel cotton sheets very fluffy and soft. You could also check out the plain-stitch 'jersey knit sheets'. These bed sheets are quite soft, and give the Egyptian cotton sheets stiff competition.

Now that you know what makes some bed sheets softer than the others, the next time you go shopping for bed linen, make use of these parameters. I am sure that you will be able to find the softest sheets set for your home.

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